UART to USB Converter

The UART to USB Converter   Applicable for M8N GPS,M9N GPS,H-RTK M8P Rover Lite,H-RTK F9P Rover Lite,Microhard P900 Radio.

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The GPS UART to USB Converter can be use with:

– H-RTK M8P Rover Lite
– H-RTK M8P Rover Lite 2nd GPS
– H-RTK F9P Rover Lite
– H-RTK F9P Rover Lite 2nd GPS
– M8N (Pixhawk4) GPS
– M8N (Pixhawk4) 2nd GPS
– M9N 2nd GPS
– Microhard P900 Radio


FT231X USB interface conversion chip.
On-board power indicator, status indicator.
Interface Type: type-c USB & GH 10PIN& GH 6PIN& SH 6PIN Port
Dimensions: 20*32mm
Weight: 3.4g


Package included:

UART to USB Converter board *1
Type-c USB cable *1

FTDI CHIP Info: (Previous Version)