Holybro FETtec FC G4


The FETtec KISS FC G4 is a flight controller running KISS V2 firmware for high performance, simple setup. The flight controller has an onboard real-pit for TBS Unify Pro Nano VTXs and headers for direct connection to a TBS Crossfire Nano RX. The FETtec FC supports 30×30 and 20×20 mounting.

– STM32 G4 Processor, 170MHz with MPU6000 Gyro
– Built-in real Pit-Mode
– Seperate onboard 5V BEC For RX
– 5V/16V BEC for VTX
– 20x20mm M2 and 30.5mmx30.5mm M3 mounting holes
– 8 Native DSHOT2400 outputs
– 4 Signal and ground pads in each corner
– 8 pin connector for solder free FETtec ESC connection


Designed for 6-27V supply voltage (2S-6S Lipo)
2x onboard BEC (max. 600mA each)
5V BEC for RX
5V / 16V BEC for VTX (configurable and real pit *)
5 UART serials
Buzzer pads
4 tiny RGB LEDs (color selectable)
FETtec KISS firmware



– 1X FETtec KISS FC G4
– 1X 8 Pin SH1.0 Cable
– 1X 6 Pin SH1.0 Cable
– 4X M2 Anti-Vibration Silicone Grommet Insert


Holybro FETtec FC G4 Manual