Home Holybro Tekko32 F3 esc (BLHeli 32)
Holybro Tekko32 F3 esc (BLHeli 32)
Flight Controller
Using F3 MCU, with ws2812b LED and current sensor, supports BLHELI32 telemetry function.

Small size/low weight

Build in Current sensor

Voltage output (VBAT), ESC Telemetry(TELEM)

Supports Oneshot / Multishot / Dshot

32bit ESC with BLHELI32 firmware

On-Board RGB LED (WS2812B LED)

Auto Timing Feature

Smooth Response

Package Includes
Tekko32 F3 ESC *1

Electrolytic Capacitor 220uf 35V *1

26AWG 100mm Black wire *1

26AWG 100mm White wire *1

26AWG 100mm Blue wire *1

18AWG 100mm Red wire *1

18AWG 100mm Black wire *1

Power input:3-6s LIPO


Size:15*30*5 mm

Weight: 3.6g (1pcs)

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